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    Making a meaningful connection with our customers

At Espressif, not only do we design powerful AIoT chips, but we also design their operating systems and application frameworks. In doing so, we also support our customers, all the way from design to certification and manufacturing. By choosing us, you get to concentrate on your design, and bring your product to life quickly, efficiently and at no extra cost.

We Offer

ESP RainMaker

ESP RainMaker provides a complete solution for device makers, including fully customizable device firmware, phone apps, voice-assistant integration and cloud backend. Customers can deploy ESP RainMaker in their own cloud account and have full control over their data. This way, they can achieve faster time to market, and also create their own AIoT platform for their devices.

Open-Source Documentation

We provide a variety of technical documents and resources, including datasheets, technical reference manuals, user guides, API references, test reports, etc., so that you can get the information you need in no time. Also, our engineers are constantly active on our official forums, giving answers to any questions you might have.

Open-Source Software

We offer an easy-to-use, open-source and efficient development platform for AIoT applications, including our own IoT development framework, ESP-IDF, our audio development framework, ESP-ADF, our mesh development framework, ESP-MDF, our face-recognition development framework, ESP-WHO, and our offline smart voice assistant, ESP-Skainet. In addition, ESP-IoT-Solution contains device drivers and code frameworks for IoT development, which work as extra ESP-IDF components and are much easier to start with.

Hardware Resources and Reviewing Services

In order to simplify for you the process of designing any hardware based on Espressif’s chips and modules, we provide reference designs and hardware design guidelines. We also offer free-of-charge schematic and PCB reviewing services for Espressif-powered products, in order to ensure their technical accuracy and high performance. After you submit the request form, our support team will get back to you with a Review Report in 1-3 working days.

RF Design Review and Assistance

Our customers can use our certified modules or opt for a chip-on-board design. We know all too well the huge importance of RF design to the overall performance of connected devices. That’s why we offer PCBA proofing, RF designing, RF matching, debugging, and RF testing services at our in-house lab. We also recommend that you read our Hardware Design Guidelines when developing standalone or add-on systems based on ESP products.


We provide customized manufacturing services to help our customers simplify their manufacturing line. To this end, we can pre-provision the ESP32 / ESP32-S / ESP32-C series of modules with device certificates, thus enabling flash encryption, secure boot and the programming of application and custom data in the flash and eFUSE memory, along with the use of customized MAC addresses.

On-Site Support

We understand that sometimes the quickest solution to some of our customers’ problems should be provided in their own space. In such cases, we work closely with our customers and provide them with on-site support from our most qualified engineers.