Espressif’s ESP32-H2, Thread SDK, Officially Recognized as “Thread-Certified 1.3.0 Component”

Shanghai, China
Nov 3, 2022

ESP32-H2 can significantly simplify the commercialization of our customers’ Matter devices.

Espressif Systems (SSE: 688018.SH) is pleased to confirm that the ESP32-H2 SoC, along with our Thread SDK, have been officially given the status of “Thread-Certified (1.3.0) Component”. This means that Espressif is able to provide its customers with the latest and most rigorously-tested Thread solutions (1.3.0). The 1.3.0 Thread certificate is a prerequisite for the Matter-over-Thread device certification. Therefore, Espressif customers can benefit from our Thread-certified ESP32-H2, which accelerates the certification process of their Matter devices and their time-to-market.

Thread 1.3.0 is the latest iteration of the Thread protocol, which is not only backward-compatible, but it also provides support for Matter. Thread 1.3.0 enables Matter devices to join users’ IP-based networks, while also supporting low-power, long-range use cases. As a result, different device manufacturers can easily interconnect Matter devices seamlessly.

ESP32-H2 is a RISC-V SoC with integrated Bluetooth 5 (LE) and IEEE 802.15.4, which materializes various communication protocols, such as Bluetooth LE, Thread, Zigbee and Matter. ESP32-H2 can be used for developing Matter-over-Thread end-devices independently, or combine them with Espressif Wi-Fi SoCs for building Thread border routers that connect Thread and Wi-Fi networks, or even Matter-Zigbee bridge devices that connect Matter and non-Matter networks.

ESP-IDF, Espressif's open-source IoT development framework, provides support for the Thread SDK. More specifically, we have launched Espressif’s SDK for Matter, which has been developed over ESP-IDF and the open-source connectedhomeip SDK. The latter includes an easy-to-use API, mass production tools, and several product-prototyping examples that provide software support for customers to develop Matter-compatible IoT devices. We have also launched the ESP Thread Border Router SDK on top of ESP-IDF and the open-source OpenThread, which supports all network features for building a Thread border router. This SDK also integrates rich product-level features for quick productization.

Espressif's SDK for Matter

ESP Thread Border Router SDK

If you are interested in learning more about Espressif’s “Thread-Certified (1.3.0) Component” or pursuing a collaboration with us, please contact our customer support team, who will try and assist you as soon as possible.

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