ESP32-DevKitC V4 with Dual-Antenna Module Hits the Market

Shanghai, China
Oct 5, 2022

Espressif’s IoT dev board, ESP32-DevKitC V4, which has an embedded ESP32-WROOM-DA, has become commercially available.

ESP32 DevKitC V4 is now available for purchase with the ESP32-WROOM-DA module embedded in the DevKit. ESP32-WROOM-DA comes with two PCB antennas, thus offering a high-quality, long-range wireless communication, while being pin-to-pin compatible with ESP32-WROOM-32E.

ESP32 DevKitC V4 is broadly the same as the other ESP32 DevKitC V4 variants, with the main difference being in the dual-antenna design. As technical writer Jean Luc Aufranc puts it: “when running a recent version of the Arduino Core for the ESP32 (2.0.3 or greater), the ESP32 will automatically switch to the antenna with the strongest signal in order to deliver the best connectivity possible”.

Functional Description

The following figure and the table below describe the key components, interfaces and controls of ESP32-DevKitC V4.


Power Supply Options

There are three mutually exclusive ways to provide power to the board:

    • Micro USB port, default power supply
    • 5V / GND header pins
    • 3V3 / GND header pins

The power supply must be provided using one and only one of the options above, otherwise the board and/or the power supply source can be damaged.

ESP32-DevKitC Pin Layout

All in all, ESP32-DevKitC V4 has many advantages:

    • high-quality, wireless connectivity across large areas, using its two complementary PCB antennas in different directions;
    • low-power consumption modes;
    • industry-leading technical specifications, such as the co-existence of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth (Classic & Low-Energy) connectivity.

Therefore, the users of ESP32-DevKitC V4 will be able to bring to life a wide range of complex IoT application scenarios.

Check with your local provider for stock while it lasts, or ask our customer support team for some help.

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