Espressif DevCon22 Starts on 19 Oct!

Online Event
Oct 18, 2022

Register now to ensure you can attend this unique event and participate in the Q&A sessions after each talk.

Espressif’s first official online conference is about to get started. We will start the live broadcast on Wednesday 19 Oct at 10:00 am (Central European Summer Time). To ensure you can attend the conference, please register here: Registered attendees will have already received by now the YouTube links for the live event, which will enable them to not only watch the live broadcast but also participate in the Q&A session after each presentation by asking their questions in the conference chat.

Thus, a nearly six-month preparation is reaching its culmination with a rich program. You can expect over 30 talks on topics including Matter, RainMaker, ESP-IDF, Privilege Separation, Embedded Rust, Components Manager, Board Support Packages, third-party frameworks, and more! The speakers who are also Espressif engineers include: Scott Mabin, Darian Leung, Brian Ignacio, Marius Vikhammer with Sudeep Mohanty, Yi Ying, David Cermak, Rodrigo Garcia, Ricardo Tafas with Sylvio Alves, Tomas Rezucha, Zim Kalinowski, Sergei Silnov, Denys Almazov, Mahavir Jain with Sachin Parekh, Sonika Rathi with Yogesh Mantri, Adwait Patankar along with Vikram Dattu and Shubham Rastogi, Piyush Shah, Radim Karniš, Martin Gaño, Juraj Michálek with Sergio Gasquez, Jakob Hasse, Alan Carvalho, and finally Chen Shu along with Hrishikesh Dhayagude and Shubham Patil. The daily schedule of the conference is divided into four sections lasting two hours each. Every presentation is allocated a 30-minute slot which will comprise a talk and a five-minute Q&A session at the end of it. A 15-minute break will follow each two-hour section. At the end of each day, we will have a 15-minute General Q&A session for any questions from the audience. This will be handled by Espressif’s Director of Technical Marketing Amey Inamdar, and Senior Director of Engineering Kedar Sovani at the end of the first day at 19:30 CEST. The General Q&A session at the end of the second day will be handled by Espressif’s VP of Software Platforms Ivan Grokhotkov at 19:45 CEST. Then, at the end of the entire conference, Espressif’s Developer Advocate and Conference Organiser Pedro Minatel will share with us his closing remarks at 20:00 CEST.

Watch our conference trailer by clicking on here.

We will kick of our conference with none other than Espressif’s Founder and CEO, Teo Swee Ann, who will deliver his welcome speech. Teo Swee Ann needs no special introductions. He established Espressif in 2008 and his name has become synonymous with technological innovation ever since. It is always interesting to listen to what he has to say. Our second keynote speaker is going to be our VP of Software Platforms Ivan Grokhotkov, who will talk us through all the new features of ESP-IDF v5.0., at 10:00am on Thursday, 21 October.

We also have several guest speakers, such as:

    • Microsoft’s Principal Program Manager Wellington Duraes, and Senior Software Engineer Ewerton Scaboro da Silva, whose presentation is entitled: “OTA for Your ESP32 Using Azure Divide Update”. Their presentation will be broadcast at 19:20 CEST on 20 October.
    • Arduino’s Head of Maker Products, Open Source & Community Alessandro Ranellucci, will present “News from Arduino: IDE 2.0 and Command Line Tools” at 18:20 CEST on 20 October.
    • Toit’s CEO and Co-Founder Kasper Lund, will speak about “Live Reloading of Micro-Services on Your ESP32" at 14:00 CEST on 20 October.
    • WOKWI’s Founder Uri Shaked will give a talk entitled: “Your Browser is ESP32” at 14:30 CEST on 19 October.
    • Adafruit’s Founder and Engineer, Limor “Ladyada” Fried, will talk about “CircuitPython for ESP32” at 19:00 CEST on 19 October.
    • Golioth’s Developer Relations Lead, Chris Gammell, and Developer Relations Engineer, Mike Szczys, will present “Thousands of ESP32s: Device Management for ESP-IDF-Based Devices” at 16:40 CEST on 19 October.

Hope you enjoy both attending and participating in Espressif DevCon22. Once again, you can ensure this by registering via

Watch our conference trailer by clicking on here.

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