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ESP RainMaker® Supports Creating Your Own Matter Eco-System

Shanghai, China
Aug 9, 2023

The ESP RainMaker® private IoT cloud platform from Espressif now supports a Matter Fabric that allows users to create their own Matter ecosystem. This is the industry’s first full re-branding implementation of the Matter ecosystem.

Espressif’s ESP RainMaker® IoT cloud platform allows you to deploy your own private IoT cloud with full control over data and customizations. The ESP RainMaker solution provides a Cloud backend based on the AWS Serverless architecture, open-source phone apps for iOS and Android, voice-assistant skills, and device firmware SDK, which significantly simplify the IoT device development.

Not only does the Matter protocol bring standardization and interoperability to smart-home devices, but it also ensures security, reliability, and simplicity in the use of these devices. With Matter support becoming available in commonly used ecosystems, such as Amazon Alexa, Apple Home, and Google Home, more and more device makers are adopting the Matter protocol in their devices.

Taking its Matter solution offering to the next level, Espressif is proud to announce the availability of support for Matter Fabric in the ESP RainMaker IoT Cloud platform. Matter Fabric is a virtual private network, over which Matter Devices, Admins, and Controllers communicate with each other. Matter Fabrics can span across the Wi-Fi, Thread, and Ethernet physical networks within the user's home. With this offering, ESP RainMaker customers can build their own ecosystem without requiring significant engineering investment. This also enables customers to have Matter-based onboarding and local control in their own customized phone apps, based on ESP RainMaker. This will allow users to onboard not only their own devices, but also third-party devices, through the same application, thus giving an enhanced and unified user experience to the end-consumer. Moreover, ESP RainMaker’s Matter Fabric implementation provides Cloud synchronization of the device database, while the Matter-based local control is available across multiple phone apps and controllers under the same user context.

Beyond device onboarding and control, the ESP RainMaker phone apps also support Matter "bindings", which allow devices to talk to each other directly over a local network. Once this Matter device binding is set up, it works directly among devices, without the interference of any phone apps. It also supports a special category of devices called "Controllers", which allow users to discover and control all devices linked to the user, without even opening the relevant phone app.

The Matter Fabric support is made available as part of the public instance of ESP RainMaker and the open-source iOS phone application for ESP RainMaker. You can use it for evaluation. The Android version of the phone application will be made available soon.

Matter Controllers

The RainMaker Matter Fabric support is a great solution that works in conjunction with the Matter Controller. Matter Controllers are devices in your home that can control other Matter devices. The Matter control can allow device control either with voice, or with an attached display, or even with the use of certain phone applications. The Matter controller can also provide the capability to control devices remotely.

For any commercial enquiries about ESP RainMaker and the Matter Fabric support, you can get in touch with our customer success team, who will try to assist you as soon as possible.

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