Espressif Systems started in 2008, and has grown from a small startup in China to a multinational IoT pioneer in the semiconductor industry. After countless hours of hard work, dedication and resilience, we achieved our breakthrough with the powerful ESP8266 SoC. Then, we gave the world what we consider to be our flagship chip, ESP32. This is a state-of-the-art SoC which brought us ever closer to realizing our vision: fast, secure and green IoT technology that can be available to all.

As we continue to grow in a fast-changing world, it is inevitable that our path will be full of challenges. We welcome them. Not only because difficult things are worth pursuing, but also because optimism is our foremost driving force. This is not some kind of frivolous mindset that is not based on logic and facts. Our optimism is predicated upon our belief that a bright future is created in the present, with hard work, result-oriented actions, individual talent and effective team work. Everyday life at Espressif contains all of these ingredients. 

Our Work Ethos

Our team leaders are strong personalities with integrity, passion, compassion, humility, openness and professionalism. They also know how, when and what to listen to. They seek advice from their team members and developers using our products, because they know that the diverse skills of everyone can bring to life the innovation which characterizes the work that we do. And it is our strong peer-support that binds us together. We do not seek perfection, although we do things as best as we can. More importantly, we move fast, we prototype and we make things happen. We are makers after all! But we also discuss and reflect both on our success and our mistakes. This way we allow our definition of perfection to be flexible and resonate with the needs of the market. 

I often tell my fellow Espressifers that we need to develop technology from an artist’s perspective. Be creative, be daring, be original. Not only because you want to stand out from the rest, but because you need to create something that people will find important; something that will benefit people; something that will respond to people’s needs not only today, but also in the long run. This way our products, too, can exceed the limits of the present and still be relevant in the years to come. But in order to achieve this, we need to develop the kind of foresight that can respond to people’s future needs. This is our main challenge as Espressif continues to develop, becoming an integral part of the high-tech industry. 

Our Impact

At the end of the day, it’s all about making an impact. With our products, we aim at creating new branches of knowledge and proposing new ways of thinking about how technology can respond to the problems of everyday life. But we cannot and, in fact, we do not do this on our own. Our constant interaction with the global community of developers, makers and technology enthusiasts gives us the opportunity not only to continuously improve our IoT solutions, but also to realize what type of products our partners will ask us to deliver in the future. 

This is one of the benefits of providing open access to Espressif’s IoT software-development platforms and operating systems. Additionally, numerous third-party projects have been based on ESP8266 RTOS, ESP8266 Non-OS and ESP-IDF over the last few years. So, I’d like to thank all developers who have chosen to use our SDKs, and especially those who have taken the time to help us improve our platforms through their feedback or code contributions. In return, we support the IoT revolution that is happening before our eyes today by being involved in many other open-source community projects, distributing our solutions and offering access to our code for free. We believe in the democratization of technology that develops the Artificial Intelligence of Things.

It’s All About Giving Back

To this end, we take pride in having already enabled thousands of individuals and startups worldwide to not only build their own platforms and devices, but also succeed in launching their own IoT solutions. Hence, the feedback we have received so far from our customers and partners has been more than positive. Needless to say that this means the world to us. But we never rest on our laurels. We’ll continue honoring people’s trust in our technological acumen by working hard to improve our IoT solutions even further.

Teo Swee Ann
Espressif Systems’ Founder and CEO