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ESP-Based Products Earn Matter 1.0 Certification

Shanghai, China
Jan 6, 2023

Build your Matter devices with ease using Espressif SoCs (the entire ESP32, and ESP32-C series, as well as ESP32-S3).

Espressif Systems (SSE: 688018.SH) is pleased to announce that the company has successfully completed the Matter 1.0 certification program. Additionally, devices created by Signify, Sengled, and  Yeelight, among others, which are based on Espressif’s Matter-ready SoCs and SDK, have also successfully completed the Matter 1.0 certification program. Thus, with these certifications being available, Espressif can now offer extensive support for building Wi-Fi-based, Matter-compliant accessories built around the ESP32, ESP32-C series of SoCs, and ESP32-S3. Therefore, customers using the above-mentioned SoCs can benefit from an accelerated certification process for their Matter devices and a reduced time-to-market. The support for Thread-based accessories based on the ESP32-H2 SoC will be available by the end of March 2023.

Espressif, with its unique combination of hardware, software, and complete solutions, makes it easy for customers to build Matter-enabled, smart-home devices of various types. In terms of hardware, Espressif SoCs provide support for Wi-Fi or Thread end-point devices, Thread Border Routers, and Matter gateway reference designs. In terms of software, Espressif’s SDK for Matter has been based on the open-source Matter SDK, thus providing a simplified API and the required tools for building Matter-compatible devices with Espressif SoCs. We have also launched the ESP Thread Border Router SDK on top of ESP-IDF and the open-source Open Thread, which supports all network features for building a Thread border router.

Furthermore, Espressif has recently announced the release of ESP-ZeroCode Modules for building Matter-compatible devices. ESP-ZeroCode modules are based on ESP32-C3 (ESP8685), ESP32-C2 (ESP8684), and ESP32-H2, all of which come pre-programmed with firmware for the required device types. Products from Zamel and Foshan Lighting will be the first devices based on Espressif’s Matter1.0-certified ESP-ZeroCode modules.

Espressif also provides a set of services regarding the certificate generation and pre-provisioning of Matter-compatible devices. These services will reduce the complexity in the manufacturing of Matter-compatible devices, while meeting the requirements specified by Connectivity Standards Alliance for the Matter PKI certification.

It is also worth mentioning that the ESP32-H2 SoC, along with Espressif’s Thread SDK, have been officially given the status of “Thread-Certified (1.3.0) Components”. Thus, support for Thread-based accessories with the ESP32-H2 SoC will be available by the end of March 2023. The 1.3.0 Thread certificate is a prerequisite for Matter-over-Thread device certification.

If you are interested in learning more about Espressif’s Matter-certified products or pursuing a collaboration with us, please contact our customer support team, who will try and assist you as soon as possible.

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